Intercultural Poetry and Translation Academy of Turkey was founded on February 29, 2012 with a special opening ceremony consisting of poetry readings and translation that took place in Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum of Istanbul; in conjunction with 51 synchronous activities held simultaneously in 31 countries by the World Poetry Movement. The opening speech of the Academy was declared by Doğan Hızlan; Turkish literary critic and writer. Enver Ercan,-the president of the Academy-  and Ataol Behramoğlu, Turkish poet and translator, presented the public Academy’s objectives.

The Intercultural Poetry and Translation Academy of Turkey is excessively dedicated to both Turkish and world literatures and their languages, but not limited by any criteria except that of serving the public mainly in domains of translation and poetry. Its members are distingiushed writers, critics and translators as well as linguists and literary scholars, whose work is characterized by a particular interests of  the Society and the Academy. The Academy’s members, are not only from Turkey, but also some other countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas... Since the beginning, the Academy has realized various poetical and translational activities both domestically and abroad in collobaration with The Writer Unions, The Universities and The Festivals  considerably NORLA (Norway Literature Abroad), P.E.N-Turkey, Turkish Writer Syndicate, Romanian Writer Union (USR) , Marmara University, Eskişehir International Poetry Festival etc.. The Academy organized for the first time in Turkey, three times consequtively, The Festival of Translation Art at NKHM(Nazım Hikmet Culturel Centre) which is the first and unique of its kind. The Academy publishes  the Anthologies and translated poetry books of Turkish and foreign poets in order to represent and promote World Poetry in Turkey and time to time publishes the folders on World Poetry at Yasakmeyve literary review. The founding members of the Academy are Haydar Ergülen, Enver Ercan, Metin Celâl, Mete Özel, Tozan Alkan, Metin Cengiz and Gülce Başer.