The Academy summarises its primary aims as follows:

> Rising the standards of poetry and translation art in Turkey and World.

> Unifiying the scattered poetry and translation scene by collaborating with instutions and universities and the literary world.

> Being a sitimulus force in Turkish and world literature by linking society and the literary world to academic bodies of its kind.

> Supporting, exhanging, initiating and devoloping the ideas creatively in dialogue about the freedom of expression both in literature, writing, translation and speech, through various events and publishing.

> Discussing current or  backdated critical matters of literature, translation and linguistic  with related departments of the universities and  institutions in Turkey as well as in cooperation with other academies of translation and literature all around the Europe and World.

> Closing the gap between different cultures in debate through literature, writing and translation.

> Develop local partnerships, projects and opportunities

> Develop international partnerships, projects and opportunities

>Granting Academy awards to rising poets/translators/academicians/writers in order to support and encoruage their works.